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Best features of the Maths Incubator

Maths Incubator is a South African developed, Interactive Online Maths Computer Program for High School Learners and Teachers


The program consists of interactive exercises, in−depth video lessons and “Fun Explorations”


Exercises vary from Routine to Complex to Problem−solving


Video lessons provide conceptual understanding, interconnection between different parts of Maths as well as applicability to real−life situations as far as possible

Implementation in a School

The Maths Incubator can become a “prescribed” resource in the school 
• All learners and teachers are therefore signed up and the school pays a once- off fee for a 12-month subscription


The Maths Incubator creates a deep understanding of Mathematics

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Benefits to Learners

It′s like having a tutor next to you 24/7 giving the learner CONTROL, INDEPENDENCE and CONFIDENCE 
• Learner can progress at own pace with the ability to “Rewind”, “Pause” and “Fast- Forward” video lessons
• Learner gets immediate feedback when doing exercises, thereby having the ability to self-correct with the aid of the video lessons
• Learner can use the program for revision or to work ahead of the teacher
• Program can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from almost any smart device
• The program has the potential to increase learner Maths marks by up to 25%

Benefits to Teachers

The teacher gets detailed reports on how often learner signs in, % progress per chapter and test results on each chapter 
• The data coming from the platform gives the teacher the ability to manage learner performance proactively and to almost “predict” learner performance before actual exams
• The teacher can direct learners to specific lessons and exercises in the program for learners to prepare for class lessons upfront. This will ease the teacher’s load in the class
• The program can be used the assist both the “slow” and “fast” learner in the class
• Teaching of Maths therefore happens both inside and outside of the classroom

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