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No matter at which stage of the mentoring journey you are, we provide the support and experience to take you to the next level.

Our services are based on our proven 7-step model for Mentoring Program Excellence.

Success is simple with support.

Becoming a Better Mentor

Strategies to Be There for Young People 

Mentoring Situation Analysis

We examine how to align mentoring strategically with your organisational goals and identify how mentoring can deliver a return on investment for your organisation. By exploring program purpose and positioning, success measures, risks and likely investment, you leave with a road map complete with next steps to mastering mentoring.

Program Design & Assessment

Without doubt, this workshop is the most crucial component when embarking on any mentoring program, irrespective of scale or purpose. Undertaking a mentoring program without thorough planning is a guaranteed road to nowhere. In addition to planning, our Design Workshop enables you to gain a full understanding of the stages within a mentoring program, so you can recognise the resources and commitment required along the way.

Implementation & Program Management

You can trust our expert program managers to look after the implementation of your program so you don't have to. Let us match, prepare, support and guide your mentors and mentees along their mentoring journey. Be part of an online mentor community that spans across the globe.

Motivation Speakers Services

Book The Best Motivation Service Speakers For Corporate Events

Now, with the most sought-after customer service speakers around today, you can benefit from the stories composed from their professional experiences and personal journeys.

At the heart of good customer service is a set of themes, including trust, awareness and attention to detail. Able to relay the importance of fulfilling the demands of the modern consumer, the best customer service speakers offer unrivalled know-how capable of leaving your team entertained, inspired and ultimately better educated.

Whether you wish to change the tide of your customer experience, tweak it to ensure you are keeping up with the trends or innovate to deliver cutting-edge customer service primed for the modern day – our expert team are on hand to find you the perfect speaker.


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